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Mercer height to 1,000' has been approved, click to see document

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New CAA rules for model aircraft come into effect Aug 1st 2015. There are some changes to Part 101 and the addition of Part 102 and you are advised to read the full document pertaining to your needs. Follow the hyperlinks for the full documents.

Part 101 are still the rules governing those of us who fly on a MFNZ registered flying site and fly models that weigh less then 25kg. The main changes are with name definitions such as model aircraft are now designated as Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or Control Line Model Aircraft or Free Flight Model Aircraft.
RPA covers all types of radio/self controlled models (fixed wing, helicopters, multi rotors, FPV) that can comply with Part 101
Part 101 also spells out the onus on the pilot to know about airspace restrictions (including new rules on overflying private property without permission unless flying on a site registered prior to Aug 1st 2015), line of sight requirements, hazard and risk minimisation.

Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certification covers what is now allowed outside of Part 101 and includes models that weigh between 25kg and 100kg (not much difference for this category of model except they now come under 102 and not 101 as before).



Normal flying is allowed every day during daylight hours unless listed as a no-fly day.

It is mandatory to have an observer and maintain a radio watch when any flying is undertaken.


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