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Mercer height to 1,000' has been approved, click to see document

CAA part 101 rules covering RC model flying in NZ. (amendments Aug 1st 2015)

CAA part 102 rules covering what is allowed outside of part 101 (NEW Aug 1st 2015)

A new constitution was approved at a Special General Meeting held on Monday February 4th 2008 and amended by SGM 16th Sept 2015.

Mercer Flying rules(NEW) relate to model flying at the PMAC flying site which must be adhered to for safety reasons.

Icom airband radio instructions

Container solar power information

Some interesting fact sheets on the new A123 batteries along with individual graphs on the 1100Mah and 2300Mha cell.

How to calculate the MAC for a tapered and swept or elliptical wing.

CG Calculator V1.2 download and try at your own risk. For a Delta wing the c of g is the average (MAC) cord divided by 6

Testing and remedying the trim on a model aircraft. Chart 1 pdf file, Chart 2 doc file

Information on calculating maximum propeller speed and efficiency as well as calculating the theoretical speed of a propeller.

MFNZ Full Members Manual is in the process of rewrite

MFNZ Wings Program and test schedule.

Wings Test Schedule only form.

Instructors Manual guide for Instructors.

Flight Training Manual with log book for new studant pilots.

Large Model SIG Code of regulations for models over 15kg or powered by IC engines of 75cc or more or electric motors of 5,000 watts or more.

Park Flyer Guide covering flying of electric powered RC models in authorised parks in the MCC area.

A detailed history of the club showing early development and key members is available here.

Radio Control Frequency List

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